Prayer cards ⛲️

With much pleasure and gratitude I can show you our first prayer card 🙏🏻

Designed te compliment the crystalline energy of our crystal sculptures, and to bring blessing into your life. They are the size of a business card, water and tearing resistant. This makes them perfect to travel with you in your pocket, wallet or phone case. They add valuable energy to your shrine at home. 

You can discover them when you attend one of our Sanctuary Services, or buy them in our Shop.

Where Kongtai is the artist behind our crystal sculptures, Claudia is the creator who draws and designs the prayer cards. You will experience when you connect with our sculptures and prayer cards, they carry energy that has been brought into them with our combined blessings. Like sun and moon, or yin and yang compliment each other, our sculptures and prayer cards bring a deepening balance into each others service ❤️⛲️