It is possible to discover and feel the energy of our collection for yourself during sanctuary services offered in the Netherlands.

We are very grateful when people who have purchased our carvings share their experiences with them. This is a great way to bring more awareness and understanding into the benefits that crystal carvings can have for our wellbeing. It can also be very inspirational to share our experiences with each other. Because when we share, we all grow in wisdom together. 

If you wish to share your experience with one of our carvings, we are grateful to receive your message. 

Patricia her experience:

"Through Claudia I came to discover the carvings of Zhu Kongtai. The first carving I bought has beautiful energy, it grounds my energy and brings expansion of my awareness within myself. When I meditate with it, the 'field' opens up more profound. 

The second carving I purchased, was a custom design that Zhu Kongtai created for my wellbeing guided by his intuition. The moment this special piece arrived and I saw it for the first time, I recognized he is a Master at his craft of energetic carving. There are so many elements and details put into the piece, it seems to radiate a strong force of Light energy."

Caroline her experience:

"And then, all of a sudden, a very special energy flies in. With my intervision group we had a special evening, where we had built a vortex with the special carvings with energy from China. It was so powerful that I was able to let go of a lot in safety to continue to grow. Now, a long time later, the place where the vortex was built is still overflowing with energy. I would wish this experience for everyone!"

(This vortex energy came from a Crystal Grid Ceremony)