Follow Natures Way

I remember very well, the first time I encountered a Chinese Master Teacher, he liked to teach through simple songs and chants that contained profound wisdom. He said once 'what you chant you become'.

One of the first songs I learned was: Follow Natures Way, in Chinese called Dao Fa Ziran. I have been singing this song for years, to connect with natures wisdom of my hearts home. 

Then one of those funny things in life happens. I fell in love with this piece of Kongtai...having absolutely no idea what the carvings on it mean. To later learn from him the calligraphy he chose to carve into this piece means: Dao Fa Ziran! 

It is one of those precious moments in life you will never forget. The synchronicities that find you along your way through life when you...Follow Natures Way...🙏🏻