Hawthorn flowers: Love & Devotion

I always loved the hawthorn bushes and trees. On the day of the solar eclipse of 8 april 2024, it was a beautiful evening and I went to meditate in nature and connect with the profound energy the eclipse was bringing into earth and all life within her. I found myself a remote place with a small bench, made from some simple logs of wood. I discovered when I settled down, that I was surrounded by hawthorns 🙏🏻. 

I liked them as a child, but I started to love the energy of this amazing nature friend in the years I visited England. There you find them around sacred places, like the ancient druid sites, churches, cathedrals and of course the place where it is said a hawthorn tree grew from the staff of Joseph Arimathea.

While traveling around those special places of power, I encountered them everywhere and they entered my heart, their energy was so loving and strong. Since then I treasure them, find them in tea, incenses, oils. 

And on days like these, when profound energy is in the air, and they are blooming...I ask them if I may take a small branch and bring it home to my shrines. 

It was a special evening, gazing into the setting sun, with this special carving of Kongtai, surrounded by hawthorns. 

Did you know that in Chinese folklore, hawthorn flowers are associated with love and devotion?

That makes them a brilliant flower for Crystal Medicine Art, we are all about opening the heart into kindness and embracing ourselves, the other, and appreciation into awareness. We come from devotion into service ⛲️. 

Chinese legend has it that a young couple fell in love, but their families disapproved of their relationship. The couple then decided to run away together and found refuge under a hawthorn tree. As they embraced, their tears fell onto the tree and it transformed into beautiful pink flowers. From that day on, hawthorn flowers became a symbol of pure love and devotion in Chinese culture.

From western esoteric wisdom it is also acknowledged for love, purity and devotion. Therefore it is also connected with archangels and is called 'protector of the heart'. It connects us from the heart with the earth and helps us ground ourselves in a calming and soothing way, opening up our connection with the realm of the elementals, creatures of nature that serve into earth. 

Next time you see a hawthorn...bless your ❤️.